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This is not a typical sticker so you have to be a little more careful. But no worries, it’s not as hard as ring-dips!

Let's do some progressions on how to place the vinyl until we reach the RX level.

STEP 01. Clean the surface where you want to place your sticker and ensure the surface area is dry.

STEP 02 Press firmly over the carrier sheet using the scraper provided with your sticker. Take special care not to miss the small details - usually the letters or small details of the design – by firmly running the scraper over them to the edges

STEP 03. Carefully remove the back carrier sheet, making sure that all elements of the design have transferred to it

Step 04. Confirm exactly where you want to put your sticker and start to place it on your surface. Be careful, the carrier sheet is very sticky! Don't bring it too close to the surface before you are ready to stick it because you might not be able to unstick and reposition itr

STEP 05. Now run the scraper firmly over the carrier sheet again. Be patient and run the scraper over the design for about two minutes to make sure it sticks smoothly to your surface and you remove any air bubbles.

Step 06. We are almost there! This step is the most complicated. Remove the top carrier sheet slowly and vertically, checking that all parts of the design remain stuck to your surface... If not, go back to the previous step and try again.

And that's it! You are already RX in vinyl stickers!

We’d love to see the outcome, so why not send us a photo showing us where you’ve displayed your sticker?

Thanks for your purchase!

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